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Kengine Ent. Co., Ltd. 建增企業股份有限公司

Tools & repair kits

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Kengine Ent. Co., Ltd. (Excellent Bike Tools TAIWAN)
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Kengine Ent. Co., Ltd. (Excellent Bike Tools  TAIWAN)


KENGINE was established in 1983. We provide all kinds of bicycle tools, and some of bicycle accessories. Over 27 years of manufacturing experience, we can provide you economical prices with high quality products.

  We focus on quality-control in production. We not only monitor every step from manufacturing to packing, but also focus on R&D ( Research and Development ) to design a excellent product for our customers. All of our products manufactured under strict quality requirements. Simple, Functional and useful. Our products are developed to fulfill a purpose.

  We welcome orders of OEM & ODM. We also had a lot of experience to provide customized products of special specifications according to your needs. We cooperated with many famous brand in the world. You can only provide your design, or just tell us what you need. With our experience, we have the ability to reach our customer’s request. We will provide you a satisfy solution and service as well as we can. 

  KENGINE committed to provide the most professional and finest design of product. We  providing our customers with the best service, high quality and most competitive prices.

If you are looking for best bicycle tools and accessories, please feel free to contact with us.